Now There Are More Ways Than Ever To Move Your Household


Moving your entire household is never easy, but choosing the right method for getting your belongings from point A to point B can certainly make this important task easier to bear. You can start packing as soon as you like, but before you begin shelling out money for moving services like professional movers or truck rentals, you’ll want to think over your needs and your options.

Hiring out a moving truck or moving van and loading up with your own manpower is still the most common way to move, and often the cheapest. There’s a lot of work involved, of course, but this method of moving can be pretty simple as long as you leave yourself enough time to pack and load, and if you’re careful about using the packing space available to you in the van’s storage compartment. You’ll also want to be sure you’re comfortable driving a large vehicle, as getting into a fender bender in a rented truck is a serious “no no.”

For those who anticipate a need for extra storage space (i.e. outside their home) when they get to their destination, a moving pod can be an even better choice. Pods are like the storage compartment of a typical moving van, except they can be detached and used as a separate storage unit. Unloading a single pod can be a lot easier than taking a moving truck back and forth between your home and a separate storage unit. Otherwise, using pods is a lot like standard truck rentals.

And maybe you’d rather not do all the loading and driving yourself. If this is the case, you’d do well to hire out some professional moving help. It’s easiest to find a selection of moving services for local moves, i.e. moves within your town or county. But for those who need to cover more territory, perhaps crossing state lines, there are long distance movers who can ferry your belongings between distant facilities situated all over the U.S.

With so many ways to accomplish the job of moving, there’s no need to feel stuck with any one method. Your final decision may be determined more by your moving budget than any other factor, but it’s still best to consider all your options before committing.

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  1. Good point, but choosing which method you want to use isn’t he whole shebang. You’ll still have to pick a moving service or truck rental company, which takes some comparison shopping.

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