What’s the Best Way to Buy Broadway Tickets?

Cost of broadway show tickets

A visit to New York city isn’t complete with a Broadway musical. Or two. There are plenty to choose from, with old and new favorites. These range from the classic Phantom of the Opera to plucky princesses saving their kingdoms in Frozen, to revolutionary history in Hamilton. Seasoned New Yorkers know that you have to plan ahead to get tickets for the shows and tickets you want, because these sell out fast. Luckily, you can buy broadway show tickets online. And like everything else, you can find amazing deals online, such as Broadway shows buy one get one free.

Is it actually on Broadway?
Catching a Broadway show is an essential part of a trip to the city that never sleeps. In fact, about 70% of Broadway audiences are made up of visitors. The world of Broadway shows consists of about 40 theaters. Purists might argue that only four of these are actually on Broadway, but that’s a minor quibble. Most are in the mid-town theater district, many on the streets intersecting Broadway and within easy reach of a pre-show drink or a late night after-theater supper.
Another piece of local knowledge visitors might benefit from is the necessity of planning ahead to buy broadway theatre tickets. New Yorkers take their theater (and opera, and ballet, and concert) going seriously and buy Broadway tickets as soon as the new programs become available. This means that tickets to the hottest new shows sell out quickly. This is one of those few cases where visitors would be well advised to copy the natives’ playbook, and plan ahead. In fact you could steal a march and book Broadway shows and tickets online. That’s were you get the best deals such as Broadway shows buy one get one free.

What’s on
The Phantom of the Opera, it seems, is always on. It’s the longest running show now on Broadway, with over 10,000 performances since its debut in 1988. The spooky tale of a twisted romance, scored by Andrew Lloyd Webber, still going strong. So too is The Lion King, which holds the record for the first broadway musical to bring in over a billion dollars. Newer favorites include Frozen the Musical, with the escapades of a clumsy but brave princess who rescues her kingdom from an icy fate.
The red-hot Hamilton is an unlikely crowd pleaser, based loosely on the life of the revolutionary hero. With a musical score that includes different styles like rap, hip-hop, blues, and gospel, and a consciously multiracial cast, it has been acclaimed by audiences and critics. The musical set the Broadway box office record for a single week in New York City, with gross receipts of $3.3 million in late November 2016. It was nominated for 16 Tony awards, setting another record, and won 11 of them.

The glamor and lure of Broadway are alive and well, and waiting for new adherents to the faith. Those wishing to partake should plan ahead to get tickets for the shows they want. The best place to buy Broadway tickets is online. That’s where you can find deals like Broadway shows buy one get one free.

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