What You Should Know About Planning A Large Event Here In The United States

If you’re looking into hosting an outdoor event, you likely already know that there is a great deal of planning that will go into it. Hosting an outdoor event can be ideal for a wide range of different events, from birthday parties to even weddings, but hosting an outdoor event often requires elements of planning that are not necessary when planning indoor events. However, hosting an outdoor event can be ideal fro a wide range of reasons.

For one thing, hosting an outdoor even allows you to take advantage of the beautiful weather, depending on the time of year that you’re planning on hosting an outdoor event. After all, research has shown that the month of June is the most popular month to get married in (as of data gathered in the year of 2014), with nearly 15% of all weddings had here in the United States taking place during this month. It makes sense too, as June weather is more than ideal in many parts of the country, warm and sunny without yet being too hot or too humid, making hosting an outdoor even in June hugely enjoyable in the vast majority.

And when it comes to weddings, hosting an outdoor event is growing more and more commonplace. Nowadays, it has eve been found that as many as 35% of weddings are held, at least in part, outside. Even if the reception is moved to an indoor venue, outdoor wedding ceremonies are incredibly common place in the vast majority of places here in the United States. But there will certainly be a number of other factors to consider when hosting an outdoor event such as a wedding, particularly if the wedding reception is also held outside.

For outdoor wedding receptions, renting a tent is likely to be necessary and can be ideal if inclement weather should strike, something that unfortunately cannot be planned or prevented. Fortunately, the rental tent has become more commonplace than ever before, and many people choose to rent a tent for a wedding. Tent renting itself involves a good deal of considerations, though, as tent rentals can come in a number of different shapes and sizes – and price points as well, as one might assume.

The size of your tent, for instance, will likely be very much determined not only by the way you intend to use it, but by the number of guests you are inviting in the first place. Typically, weddings in the United States have an average of around 136 or so guests, and a tent must be quite large indeed to host such a considerable number of people. However, many party tents available to rent are more than able to accommodate this number.

If you’re looking to host a sit down dinner inside of such a tent, as many weddings do, you’ll need to provide about 10 square feet for each person – if rectangular tables are used. If circular tables are used, you can instead expect to provide as many as 12 square feet per person, as rectangular tables are known for taking up less space than the circular ones do, as well as being able to seat considerably more people at them as well.

But why rent a tent instead of buying one? Well, it’s simple – most people will only need to use the tent once, as is typically the case for those renting from a wedding tent rental service. For many people, tent usage is only necessary for hosting an outdoor event of a large scale, something that is not exactly commonplace throughout the year, especially in places where warm weather is only present for a short few months, after which all gatherings can be expected to move to being hosted indoors.

For such people, renting a tent will be much more cost effective a solution than buying one. However, anyone who will use said tent more than just a few times throughout the course of a year – around three to four times or more – is likely to want to consider the actual purchase of a tent, something that can actually save money in such cases.

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