What to Know About the LT1 Motors Performance – Car Stereo Wiring

For racing. For racing, an LT1 is the best alternative if your car has a small-block engine.

What do you have to know about LT1’s performance? According to certain experts, these engines make exactly the same power as the LS1 engine, which is recognized for its performance for street racing. The main drawback to this engine is that they was produced in a very limited quantity which makes it difficult to find. Additionally, you may need to make your own modifications to the engine in order to make it work to your ideal vehicle.

However, you do not have to do it all on your own. There are plenty of changes that automotive enthusiasts are able to make for their automobiles for example, rocker shafts and cam shafts. You should have extensive experience dealing with engines and upgrading them using modified or aftermarket components. This will allow for you to tackle the LT1 engine in the project you are working on.

The video above explains how you can customize an LT1 engine’s capabilities. In the video, the host showcases all kinds of modifications that will enhance this already powerful engine. 734m3r9dho.

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