What Is the NY No Fault Law? – Legal Videos

It’s crucial to keep current with laws and regulations that apply to your local area. Be sure to read all applicable laws in case you plan moving to another state or law has not been amended for a while. For example, if you are from New York is the time to be aware of the no fault law. Although car accident attorneys can aid you with the legal process It is nevertheless beneficial to be aware of it. In this short video you’ll learn about what the no fault law is and how it might be affecting your life.

No fault insurance permits individuals to get paid in case of the event of an accident. Whether you were driving a car or an innocent pedestrian, the insurance company on the car you were in, or on which you were struck will give up to $50,000 in order for medical costs in addition to your lost wages, such as transportation to your doctor’s appointment or glasses replacement. In accordance with the law, every car that is registered in New York has this type of insurance. Each vehicle will carry at least the amount of $50,000. The law states that it doesn’t matter regardless of who is responsible for the incident there is no need to worry about who caused the incident.


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