Visual Videos from the New York City Ballet Fall Gala and More

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Did you know that ballet originated in the 15th century in Italian Renaissance courts? Today, it is a highly technical and choreographed form of dance. If you are looking for fine art videos or visual art videos for inspiration, there are many options available to you. Some of the best sites for getting these videos include,, and predictably, video conglomerate sites like and Here are several forms of art you might want to keep your eye out for.

1. Ballet Styles

When it comes to Ballet, there are three main styles, classical, neoclassical, and contemporary. Ballet in any form requires many years of training and practice in order to master, and it is taught around the world. This year, one of the newest and most widely seen videos you can check out is the New York City Ballet’s fall gala, during which they allied with high fashion and paired dancers with designers. A video was offered before each piece that showed the collaborative process.

2. Video Games

In an interesting twist, video games can sometimes be the visual art videos you are searching for. A successful recent Kickstarter campaign has helped to revive the dying art of Ukiyo E, or Japanese woodblock printing. Although this style was once a popular art form, inspiring such artwork as “36 Views of Mt. Fuji,” it has since languished after the introduction of German printing presses. Jed Henry, an illustrator, got in contact with David Bull, a master of woodblock printing, and in 30 days, they raised more money than they could have imagined, $300,000, in fact. Suddenly, Ukiyo E is back in business and fans around the world are wondering where it was this whole time.

3. Classic Paintings

If you’re more interested in learning about paintings from 18th century Germany or from the impressionists of the last century, then a tour of classical paintings might be more your style. Most museums, in fact, offer some fine arts videos as part of their promotional work. If you go on Youtube, the MFA, or Museum of Fine Arts, has uploaded several videos featuring works from their museum, such as “Haystacks” by Claude Monet.

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