Understanding an Enforcement of the Court Order – What Is Legal Advice

If it transpires that one party does not comply with the order this may lead to further action by the judge and the court.

When we look at the example of a child’s child support request and a father falls behind in paying, the enforcement of the court’s order is something the mother does to notify the court to ask for the judge’s permission to require the father to pay. Judges can compel compliance when the mother is able to show that the father was able to pay sufficient funds to pay and decided not to. If the mother can show that her father was able to afford the funds to comply, the judge might fine him in contempt.

As long as the child support issue is not investigated in this case the judge could even impose a sentence of incarceration on for the willfully infringing father. Judges can also order attorney fees in order to ensure conformity. Other examples of these orders might include property transfers, and many others. If you’re keen to find out more about the enforcement of order of the court or experiencing this issue on your own make sure you discover an attorney to aid you!


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