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y to happen in domestic violence or stalking cases when there is proof that the accused has assaulted or hurt their victim previously.
What are Bail Bonds and How do they Work?

Contrary what people believe there is no requirement to be rich for bail. Anyone is able to post bail as long as they’ve got the money. However, you can contact bail bondsmen in the event that you do not have enough money to pay for bail. Bail bond agents are called surety firms or bail bond professionals. They post bail on behalf of defendants who are not able to make the payment in full.

To allow a bail bond agency to make bail payments, the defendant is required to sign an agreement to pay the agent a non-refundable fee.

A judge may give a warrant to a judge and detain the defendant in case they fail to appear in the hearing. The defendant will also be liable for forfeiting any collateral.

How Does a Judge Decide about the Bail Bond Amount?

A judge can have the discretion to set amounts for bonds in jail. Here are a handful of the things that the judge could consider prior to making the final decision.

The gravity of the criminal act

Instances where a defendant is charged for serious offenses are considered more flight-risky than those who have been charged with minor crimes. They may have to make a larger payment for bail.

Criminal History of the defendant (or Lack thereof)

If the defendant has a long track record of skipping court appearances , this will be weighed heavily in the decision. If the defendant is not arrested previously, it will be treated as if. It could be interpreted by the court as evidence that the defendant is not at risk of being a flight threat.

The bonds of the defendant to the community. defendant is a strong member of the family or has social ties. The court might lower the bail amount if the defendant has a house or has a job.

There is a risk of putting others in danger

In some instances it is possible that defendants are considered dangerous to other people if they’re causing harm to other people.


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