Tornado Causes Severe Damage to School – Entertainment News Today

Their powerful winds are able to cause damage to anything they come across. This video will show how a storm destroyed the school gym in just minutes. It will need an urgent repair to the roof and a variety of other services to correct the damage.

The footage begins by showing footage of a hallway security camera. The camera shows a man hurrying down the corridor as the tornado strikes the school. Lights then dim and part of the wall collapses as the powerful winds pound it into. If you are looking closely there are visible winds whipping debris violently just beyond the sign that says exit. The roof finally collapses, and the camera is lowered down to the floor.

A second time, this tornado takes us to the gymnasium. When the lights go on, the ceiling and walls begin to collapse. In the footage, piercing debris can be observed spinning with a cyclonic motion. Although it’s unfortunate for the school, the footage is absolutely amazing.

Another footage depicts the field of football outside the school. Field goal posts bend and swing in the breeze as the storm draws closer. The gate to the field almost get blown off their hinges.


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