Three Reasons to Make Fine Arts Videos

Fine arts human video

Online marketing can be a tricky affair. For practitioners of the fine arts this is especially true as the market can certainly be described as niche. The fine arts are generally considered to be things like writing, drawing, and painting. However, since the fine arts are defined as anything meant to produce beauty instead of utility, a wide range of practices count. Cosmetology, calligraphy, and music all fall into this category. By offering fine art videos to potential clients you can grow your web business. Here’s how.

1. You Are Offering Value

By providing your potential customers with a selection of free fine arts videos you are offering them value in your service. This creates the idea that you have a back and forth. They buy your quality products and you in turn offer them tutorials on how to use them. For example, Blue Heron Arts is an art store specializing in Chinese calligraphy materials. They offer their customers a huge amount of value by offering free tutorials on classical Chinese art through their YouTube page. You can be sure this has brought them increased business.

2. You Are Getting Your Name out There

By filling the internet with a steady stream of quality new fine arts videos you increase the likelihood of someone stumbling upon you. Every time you put a new entry on the web, you are increasing your chances to be seen. Imagine, one artist only has 15 posts on a personal blog. You on the other have 40 posts and 20 videos. Your competitor then has 15 chances out of billions to be found. You have 60 chances out of those billions. So long as you keep producing quality content your name will only grow in its chances to become recognized. Just remember, in this age of content marketing, quality is more important than quantity.

3. You Are Proving Yourself

Over ninety percent of web surfers use the internet to get an idea of a business. When they visit your webpage they want to know you are a credible authority in your field and can subsequently offer an informed, quality service. If you are an artist this can be especially tricky as people falsely consider you to be a dime a dozen. By showing off your skills in fine arts videos you prove to them that you are a knowledgeable source of information and products. Consider Brad Teare who makes his living as an artist. He proves his skill by painting his work in YouTube videos.

Making use of fine arts videos to grow your web presence does not have to be difficult. When you consider that web users upload 100 hours of content to YouTube every minute you understand that anyone can do it. As an artist with an eye for aesthetics, you can do it better than anyone else. Get out there and grow your fame through your videos.

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