The Most Magnificent Industrial Floor Ever! – Digital Arts Magazine

In your house, changing the flooring can affect the mood of the room. A shift from a lighter dark floor can make it seem more modern while lightening a darker floor can make it appear more spacious and clean. Whichever vibe you are going for, there are plenty of materials and colors to complete the job. If you’re brave, there are some possibilities. This amazing project calls for vivid colors such as orange and tangerine. It is a rarity in the field in industrial floors. The video below shows the procedure of a gorgeous epoxy dirty pouring onto a floor.

The paints that are used are put on concrete floors. After that, they are allowed to dry, and then develop an amazing shimmering metallic. The colors utilized in this design are turquoise black, khaki and bronze. Before the colors are poured, a layer of clear epoxy is laid down to enable the colors to disperse effectively. Following that, you’ll put the buckets of paint on the surface , and then you will marble the buckets in an organic design.


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