The Most Common Diesel Engine Problems – Your Oil

Just like any other engine diesel engines require plenty of attention and attention to ensure they do not suffer major problems. It is not uncommon for engines to have issues which diesel owners face and should be aware of. The video below will provide the most common diesel issues as well as their signs.

The first problem is diesel runaway. The runaway caused by diesel causes the engine to run at a high speed and an inability to turn off the engine. The engine is spinning beyond its limits and don’t have the capacity to operate at an extremely high speed. The cause could be a leak of fluid or mechanical issues that need repairs to the diesel engine.

Engine lubrication is the second problem. This isn’t an issue with the engine but a problem with the driver. Diesel motorists should check the engine manual to determine the type of oil their engine requires. A poor quality engine oil can cause your car to have difficulties beginning.

Glow plugs are another product that can wear out relatively quick. The plugs are used to heat enough air for combustion process to take place. When it’s extremely cold outside it could prevent the engine from being started.

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