Single Spring to a Pair

When it comes to your garage door, a lot of things can go wrong that will cause you to replace something. The thing is there is a way to be preventative in the sense that something like broken springs can be avoided if you address them early on. That’s why in this video, we see how a single spring is replaced and utilizes a pair instead. This is beneficial for the door because instead of the spring bearing the weight of the door by itself, you help reinforce that with a second spring. That’s why you should get in contact with a residential garage doors services company that can help you address these problems before they get worse. The cost of garage door repair now can be changed drastically later if you don’t go ahead with routine maintenance on your garage.

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This will also make the weight a bit more manageable for commercial garage door openers so that instead of the door hoisting the weight by itself, it can have some assistance. So if you’re looking to extend the lifespan of your garage door, watch this video to see what a repair person can do to implement a new spring system.

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