Relax and Have Fun on Your Next Family Vacation

Giant slides

When was the last time you had paid time off from work? Did you take a vacation with your family? It’s so much easier to take your mind off work and other obligations when you engage in indoor and outdoor family adventures. Just imagine exploring and experiencing these and other fun activities:

  • Giant slides
  • Laser room
  • Parkour
  • Rock climbing
  • Tree houses
  • Zip lines

Were you aware that many people continue to work while they’re on vacation? A recent survey showed that this was true for 61% of the participants. Furthermore, approximately 25% of the participants replied that not only did a colleague get in touch with them regarding work, the boss actually contacted 20% of these vacationing participants as well.

It’s interesting to note that women in particular claim to experience stress when planning family vacations. A recent survey showed that this was the case for 74% of the female participants. Approximately 57% of the total survey participants reported that transportation, especially to and from the airport, was very stressful. For around half of the participants, another stressor was making a decision on where to vacation.

Have you ever had issues relaxing while you were on vacation? It’s possible that you were checking your voice mail and email on a regular basis rather than engaging in vacation-style activities. According to Happify, 1 in 10 travelers are unable to relax while vacationing, and this certainly seems to be a significant reason why.

Were you aware that only 25% of the participants in a 2013 survey used all their annual paid days? Glassdoor also reported that 75% of the participating employees, even when they received paid time off, didn’t use all of their vacation days.

The Center for Economic and Policy Research reported that 1 in 4 employed Americans aren’t receiving paid time off. Employees in other countries, however, are able to take the following amount of paid leave:

  • France: 31 days
  • Japan: 10 days
  • Italy: 31 days
  • Canada: 19 days

Taking vacations, especially when they’re indoor and outdoor family adventures, are important for the entire family. In addition to spending time with family, they can provide a bonding experience. Then there are all the wonderful memories you’ll be able to share once your return home.

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