Plan a Great Casino Night for Your Company Party with These 7 Tips

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Company wide parties can bring employees together and help everyone get to know each other better. It can be hard to think of fun events that will interest all of the people who work for your business and their families and there are a lot of corporate event themes that are popular. The casino theme party is one of the most popular of the corporate event themes. If you are considering a casino night party theme, here are some tips to help you make yours awesome.

  1. Send your employees invitations with the casino theme. Your party for your employees will feel more like a special event and less of a boring obligation if you send out real invitations with a casino theme. These will set the tone for the event itself and show that you are committed to throwing a party that your staff will enjoy. You can send these an evites or traditional paper invitations.
  2. Have everyone wear the right attire. Casino theme parties are always more successful and authentic when the attendees dress for the event. This does not mean that your employees have to go buy or rent costumes but they should be encouraged to dress the way gamblers did in the early days of Las Vegas. In terms of corporate event themes, this is one of the facets of the night that makes it the most fun. You may want to consider having a contest for the best dressed people at your party. The outfits that people wear should not be judged on how much money they spent but on how much they embraced the casino night theme.
  3. Make your venue space look like casino. You can go a few ways with your decorations for your casino night party. You can go to over the top decorations or you can go for a more elegant look and feel. Nearly any space can be turned into a Las Vegas casino with the right decorations. You can use pieces of fabric to cover the light fixtures and the result is some fun mood lighting. There are also a lot of places where you can find fuzzy dice, oversized playing cards and other casino themed decorations. Make sure your card dealers and people who run the games you have dress the part as well.
  4. Serve casino inspired foods. The foods should all be finger foods or treats that can be put on toothpicks or skewers. Nothing that you serve should need to be eaten with forks or spoons. People will be mixing and mingling and playing games, they should not have to sit down to eat the food that is served.
  5. Serve casino themed cocktails. Most corporate event themes have some alcohol and your casino night will be more fun if you offer fun and festive cocktails. You need to serve non-alcoholic drinks as well and they can also be served in fun glasses to mimic the casino cocktails that you are offering. There are also a number of places that sell plastic glasses that look a lot like crystal. Sodas and juices can be served in fun martini glasses.
  6. Pick the right games for your casino night. Your casino night will need games. You need to provide at least three games for your guests to choose from. Popular choices include roulette, blackjack and poker. There are a number of different kinds of poker so you will have to pick at least one for your casino night. Texas Hold-em is a very popular version of poker and a lot of people are familiar with the rules. You can also hire cards dealers who can offer lessons at the beginning of the night so that the people who are not as familiar with playing the various games can have a chance to learn.
  7. Pick the right music. You may want to go with music from early era Las Vegas or maybe the Rat Pack. Just find a theme and stick with it.

There is a reason there are so many corporate event themes. Going with a casino night party is one way to make your event memorable, special and really fun.


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