How to Turn Your Garage Into a Temporary Party Room for Special Events – Dt W News

Rent props and backdrops to help set the tone for a themed party. In order to set the mood for a tropical party or pool-themed party, you can hire palm trees or torches. You can create a temporary bar by setting up a foldable table that is topped with a couple of bottles of wine, some glasses, and a few snacks. It is also possible to use this space to set up an area for a buffet, if you intend serving food for the event. Make sure to include some lights to create a more ambiance, and establish the atmosphere for the party!
Create the bar

Consider adding a bar to your garage if you intend serving alcohol at the event. It can be the perfect way to make sure that everyone is having a great time and keep them hydrated. There are two options: put up a DIY bar or rent one for the evening. If you’re setting up your own bar, be sure to stock it with the basics, which include glasses, ice, as well as mixers. You can decorate your bar with unique items, or served specialty beverages.

Check their license for alcohol and requirements for insurance if you’re renting a professional bar. Many companies will insist that they purchase a liquor liability policy before serving alcohol at your event. This insurance will cover you in case someone gets hurt or sick from alcohol served at your party.

Prepare a Dance Floor

An event is not end without a dance floor. Set up space to allow live music or DJs to be played at your party. It is possible to rent the best dance floors or make your garage one by adding some basic components. It is also possible to set up your own floor by measuring the space before covering it in the epoxy or plywood. Make sure you add a small amount of lighting and sound systems to really set the mood.

As you’re doing this be sure to check that your garage’s electricity is working by having a qualified electrician. A licensed electrician will be able assist you in any way that your lighting and sound systems requires.


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