How To Search For And Buy Broadway Show Tickets

Broadway shows tickets on sale

Are you looking to buy Broadway show tickets for an upcoming trip but aren’t sure where to start when it comes to choosing? If so, you aren’t alone. Americans love live theater, and in fact nearly 50 million of us attend a show at least once a year. Thousands of people just like you are searching online for not only which shows to attend, but where to buy Broadway show tickets, the cost of Broadway show tickets, and more. There are so many shows to choose from at any given time that it really can be a difficult decision. Depending on how long you are staying you may just be able to work it out to see multiple shows in a day. Below are some of the top Broadway shows on right now and a bit about each one:

1. Waitress – This show is adapted from the movie of the same name, and the original music was written by Sara Bareilles. Although the original female lead has moved on to different shows, you can still see a few original cast members still on stage today. This show is great for anyone, but especially for if you happen to be planning a girls weekend away in the Big Apple.

2. Come From Away – This incredible show is one where you can still see the majority of the original Broadway cast perform which is always a huge treat. It tells the story of a small Canadian town that was turned upside down when 38 planes had to land at their airport on the morning of 9/11. The story is uplifting and this show is great for people of all ages.

3. Once On This Island – This show may be brand new to the 2018 Broadway stages, but it is technically a revival show since it premiered back in the early 1990s. It features some incredible Broadway veteran talent as well as a few newcomers that are already making a name for themselves. The music varys from power ballads to beats that involve rhythmic dancing from the chorus. It is a crowd pleaser for sure!

4. Dear Evan Hansen – This show opened in late 2016 and was a hard ticket to score ever since. Actor and musician Ben Platt originated the role of Evan Hansen who is a teenager who struggles with anxiety and self confidence. The story follows Evan has he grapples with how to continue fabricating a lie that he told about being close friends with a classmate who had recently committed suicide. The music in this show is emotional and raw – it will be a story you will never forget.

5. Spongebob Squarepants – If you happen to be visiting New York City with a child or two in tow, you may want to see if you can get your hands on tickets to one of the newest shows in town: Spongebob Squarepants. Yes, this is a show based on the goofy cartoon character who lives under the sea, but kids and adults are raving about it. From the huge amounts of color to interactive audience numbers and tons of fun costumes and set design, the entire audience feel like they are playing along with the entire cast.

70 percent of the people who buy Broadway show tickets are tourists, so if you know you are visiting New York City during peak tourism season you may want to be aware of this. If you don’t live in New York City then you will likely start your search by using a website to buy Broadway tickets which is great, but make sure to visit a few so that you can compare pricing. You will notice that the prices vary based on the popularity of the shows so if you are trying to see a brand new show or highly popular show then you should expect to spend more than $125 per seat. Remember, that to be a “Broadway Theater” the venue must have 500 seats or more, but these shows typically always sell out so give yourself as much time in advance to buy Broadway show tickets as possible.

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