How to Clean Your Air Conditoner – Melrose Painting

re someone for the service of air conditioning, attempt cleaning the air conditioning unit by yourself. Air conditioning is a big part of making your home an oasis of rest and relaxation. You might find your unit becomes more demanding over time to achieve the same cooling levels as previously. If you also have an heating, ventilation and AC system (HVAC) and you have a heating system, it could become less efficient over time.

Once again, make sure your power is turned off. Prior to starting, switch off power at your outdoor disconnect box.

Get rid of the screws that hold the metal sheet on the top of the fan unit. When you’ve taken them out, lift the fan unit and grille. There is usually enough room in the wires to set the top on the ground and lower on the wall, without the need to remove the wires. Based on the model, there’s going to be an varying quantity of dust in the base of the air conditioner. Fan units in basic models don’t come with guards to prevent debris from reaching the top. This means that you might find leaves, seeds or small pieces of twigs in the pan. 12omenu433.

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