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Fiberglass fabrication is a process which creates many different products using a variety of materials. It is a process that uses parts for various industries, like aerospace, marine, automotive and construction. The fabrication of fiberglass involves the use of glass fibers, which are incorporated with a resin in order to make a composite material.

Fiberglass fabrication is an essential element of manufacturing in many industries. It’s used to produce parts that are light strong, durable and able to endure a range of environment conditions. The process of fiberglass fabrication is intricate and calls for trained technicians to make sure your desired outcomes are obtained. Technicians need to be well-versed about various techniques and tools employed in the process of fabrication.

Preparation of the composite material is the initial step of fiberglass fabrication. It involves cleaning, cutting and shaping the fibers of glass, and mixing resin with other components. Once the substance is prepared for molding, it’s then cut to the shape desired and size using a variety of equipment and methods. The material can be shaped using a variety of tools to shape the material, including the hand-molded and mold.

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