How Catalog Marketing Can Help Your Business – Business Training Video

The catalog marketing campaign is a popular one however this could be an utter blunder. It has been proven that print advertisements materials show higher rates of response than digital ads. A few studies suggest that young customers may be particularly attracted to this type of marketing.

Physical media can be so effective because they force customers to face the facts. Customers are likely to see an online advertisement as being less “real” than something you can actually hold in your hands, making tools like catalogs more effective than digital alternatives.

An effective way to use catalog marketing is by providing customers with a catalog following they have visited your store. If the consumer was pleased about the product or service that they were offered, they’ll be reminded of how satisfied they were when they pick up the catalog , and will be attracted to buy something more.

But beware that digital marketing can be expensive than catalog marketing. Costs for materials can be 50 to 100 times more expensive as sending out an email, which is why it’s crucial to establish a budget before you invest on printing catalogs.


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