How a Solar Screen Is Assembled – PC Patching

screens can be a great method to block out the heat of the sun without sacrificing a stunning view of the outside.
The technician is going to measure the dimensions of the window of the solar panel and then assemble the frame with the provided corners. When the frame is assembled, he makes sure that the frame matches the window.
After that, the technician sets the frame onto the ground. He then secures it there until finally attaches the solar screen to the top of the frame. The technician will then adjust the dimensions of the frame so as so that it is the right width and the screen does not overlap the channel by a half inch.
Then, you can roll the screen into the channel of spline. Begin at one end before moving to the next. Utilizing a screwdriver or roller, the screen can be pulled through the corners before being secured on the channel. It is then cut off using a sharp knife.
After the screen has been finished, it’s affixed to the frame using double-sided tapes and other adhesives. Anything that’s not needed around the windows edges is cut. hfqekfakgr.

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