Fire Safety Tips for your Kids – Family Game Night

Get started having discussions about fire safety with your children. Children should be taught the importance of being able to practice safety precautions in the home. It is important to teach children how to react in the in the event of an emergency like fire.

You have many options for giving your child fire safety tips. Your child’s personality and capacity for thinking will decide the way that you teach these classes.

Internet is an amazing source. There are numerous emergency preparedness resources for all ages, stages and different ages. These materials include articles to be read aloud or along with each other as well as coloring pages and practical activities that help you practice your safety skills.

Another good idea is visiting your local fire station. A lot of fire stations offer the children with fire safety classes. This is a wonderful way to reinforce the point. Not to mention the fact that these outings will be a blast for the kids! Wouldn’t you love to look at a firetruck and get to meet a firefighter? jcd3k1biw6.

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