Example of an Antique Diamond and Gemstone Bangle

Art comes in a wide variety of forms, and one of the longest-lasting art forms is jewelry. Today’s jewelry is often fast fashion. It’s made from cheap materials that mimic valuable metals and gems. But some of the longest-lasting and most prized antique pieces of jewelry are revered for their artistry and timeless appeal.

In the video posted here, an antique collector shows off a spectacular antique bracelet.

Video Source

Like many diamond and gemstone bangles of its time, it features a streamlined arrangement of mixed jewels set into solid yellow gold. The gems are all of approximately the same size and cut to create an elegant and timeless look.

Jewelry collectors often place too much value on their pieces to wear them for any length of time. After all, antique jewelry pieces like this one are treated more like art than something to wear. But for anyone looking to find a modern-day equivalent to this timeless piece, a custom jeweler should be more than happy to replicate the design. Finding similar diamond and gemstone bangles on the modern jewelry market is also possible, but they should come from reputable jewelers who only use the best materials.


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