Dog Feeling Ill? Here’s What to Do – Dog Health Problem


If your dog’s rescue is suffering from health issues or is suffering from distress, this could lead the dog to alter their behavior. There could be signs of decreased activity and/or an euphoria. It is possible that your dog, who was social before, will start to withdraw in times when they are not feeling at ease. It could be more aggressive and growl at other dogs or people. If your dog spends many hours at daycare, this could cause problems. These behaviors may get worse as you approach the place on the dog where it is hurt. It is possible that your dog will become anxious or clingy. Other signs include diarrhea, nausea, and lameness.

Stiffness and lameness

There could be stiffness or lameness as a result of the various health problems which rescue dogs have to face. There may be a myriad possible reasons that your dog may be struggling with stiffness. This includes trouble walking or limping due to hip dysplasia or arthritis infections, or joint problems. It is possible that your dog has broken bones, which can cause these problems. If the symptoms are mild it is possible that your pet needs to be put to bed to relieve the symptoms. Your dog may benefit from in home exercise to ease the discomfort. There is a possibility of taking your pet to a veterinarian should the pain continue or worsens. The vet may give prosthetics, based the state of the dog’s hip.

Trouble breathing

If you notice that your dog is struggling with breath, wheezing or coughing, as well as nasal discharge. These could be signs that your dog could be suffering from respiratory problems. Some other signs could be a slight cold, canine flu heart disease, kennel-cough. The sound of honking could indicate the dog suffered a tracheal injury, which is common in smaller breeds. If your dog has these types of breathing problems, it could mean extensive health issues that call for a visit to the veterinarian.


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