Creating the Perfect Casino Night Event

Casino night

So you are responsible for throwing your next corporate event party and you want it to be unique and fun for all of the guests attending. What is more exciting than a trip to the casino? The city of Las Vegas is known for its abundance of excitement and entertainment. Although you may not be able to arrange a trip to Las Vegas for all of your corporate attendees, you can bring the feel of Las Vegas to you! Many corporate event ideas are all the same, and this one is sure to be unique and create a lasting and exciting night of fun. You may be wondering how to set up a corporate event with the feel of Las Vegas and there are numerous ideas to do this.

A casino night party can include casino night games, casino appetizers and snacks and even casino party favors. Guests will feel like they boarded a plane and are now spending the night in Las Vegas. The question becomes how to set up a corporate event that is actually similar to the casino games in Las Vegas. There are many casino games that can be replicated for your event. Poker, blackjack and Roulette seem to be the most popular casino games. Although actual gambling may not be allowed in your state, many guests may not want to spend money on a corporate event night. These games can be catered to include prizes or raffle tickets for winnings, rather than cash prizes. This will encourage more guests to participate and to join in the fun.

About 40 million people play poker regularly, so this casino game is sure to be a hit at the corporate casino night. Poker players can be given a set amount of chips with no cash value, and then a friendly competition encourages them to play for real, often playing for grand prizes or for player recognition. A casino night fundraiser can also be organized to suggest small donation amounts to play, and then splitting the winnings with the winner and the charity that is chosen.

There are approximately 140 countries in the world with casinos that offer blackjack. Blackjack is famous for its low edge, about .05%, with some players claiming this can be brought down to 0.4%, making it the most player friendly casino game. This game is sure to be another hit at your corporate event. How to set up a corporate event with real blackjack odds? Hire a company that specializes in employing professional dealers. These dealers will ensure that the games run correctly and smoothly. They will also have the ability to organize any prize offerings or winnings that are provided to the guests of the event.

Casino party favors and decoration can easily be mimicked based on current Las Vegas trends. High vases with colorful feather flowers and flashy dresses will make the venue feel like a true Las Vegas Casino. Favors can include photos of the guest in front of a Las Vegas backdrop or a dice or blackjack card keychain. Guests can also take home refreshments that will remind them of their casino night corporate event.

Las Vegas is a popular and exciting destination. Although it may be too expensive for a corporate event, the same feel and excitement that is so popular can be created in your own personal corporate casino night event. Professional dealers can be hired to assist guests with playing popular casino games, including Poker, Blackjack and even Roulette. Prizes can be awarded in lieu of actual money being gambled. Decorations and guest party favors can also be catered around the casino night theme. Guests are sure to have an unforgettable event that provides both excitement and great entertainment.The next time you wonder how to set up a corporate event, you will have a great night of excitement already planned.

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