Can a Motorized Skateboard Be a Better Choice Than Traditional Boards?

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While a motorized skateboard may seem like a bad idea for beginning riders, you’ll find the opposite is true. Because the job of propelling the board forward is handled by the motor, the rider simple needs to focus on keeping their balance. There are about 11 million people in the U.S. who enjoy skateboarding often, and that number could be even higher if the ease of use of the motorized skateboard were more widely known.

Is Skateboarding Inherently Dangerous And Can a Motorized Skateboard Make It Safer?

The U.S. has about 500 reported skateboard parks. The people heading to these parks may be a casual skater, who is someone that skates fewer than 25 times each year. Anyone who skates more than 26 times in one year is called a core skater, whether that time is spent on the road or at the skate parks. Clearly, it doesn’t take a lot of riding to be a considered a core skater.

Even so, any activity takes practice to become proficient, and skateboarding is one method of transportation or sport that has inherent risks with increased practice time. However, if your child isn’t quite at the level of even a casual skater yet, you may want to know what your options are in terms of boards.

What Exactly is a Motorized Skateboard?

As the name suggests, these are just a skateboard with electric motor attached, although there are some with special features. A motorized longboard is the same size as a traditional longboard, but it will be heavier considering the weight of the motor. At this point you’re probably wondering what this board is powered by: gas, battery, or kinetic energy? An electric motorized skateboard works by having a battery pack under the board near an axle. The battery packs can be switched out when the juice is gone. What keeps the cost of these boards done is by using lithium ion batteries.

Why Is an Electric Powered Skateboard Good For Beginner Riders?

As stated above, these types of skateboards might be better for a new skateboarder than a traditional board would be. The motion required for the board to be propelled forward is not friendly to those who are unsteady on their feet. The skateboard itself lurches forward, and the rider must maintain good balance to stay on the board. Then they must also get a feel for how fast they’re going, and adjust their “kick” accordingly.

These two movements, the balancing and the pushing, can be difficult for a new rider to master especially if they are on the younger side with underdeveloped motor skills. Don’t forget that braking is an awkward movement in and of itself. The rider must come to a quick stop by planting one foot and stopping the rolling board with the other. There is a reason why skateboarding is known to cause more than its share of injuries. Broken wrists, sprained elbows and ankles, and scrapes can give many parents a reason to ban their child from riding a skateboard.

What Should I Look For in an Electric Powered Skateboard?

Not all boards are made equal. If you go shopping for an electric skateboard, there are a few considerations that differ from the regular skateboard. Firstly, these skateboards go much faster than the average speed of a non-motorized board. So the wheels need to be made of quality materials, and a little on the larger side to give the rider more control. Secondly, don’t think that a lower-powered board will be safer for your child (or yourself). If the board lacks power, it could be even slower than a traditional board.
Lastly, check the motor wattage and if it has the preferred pulley or geared motor system over the hub motor system, as Evolve Skateboards recommends.

Many parents aren’t comfortable having their child ride a skateboard. There concerns are founded, however with proper instruction and practice their ride can be less risky. If you’re really worried, have them try out a motorized skateboard. It will get them to their destination faster, and actually bypasses many of the concerns parents have about the mechanics of skateboards.

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