Benefits of an All Terrain Electric Skateboard

Skateboard with electric motor

Have you ever asked yourself if you are a core skater or a casual skater? Although most people probably don’t know, there is a difference. A core skater is someone who skateboards 26 or more times per year, while a casual skater is someone that skates between one and 25 times in a given year.

For most people, the difference between a core skater and a causal skater really do not matter. The people that really focus on these differences are the marketers and how they market skateboards and skateboard products because they understand the difference between a core skater and a casual skater is great in terms of how they view skateboarding and what they are going to be more interested in buying.

There are roughly 11 million people that claim to enjoy skateboarding on a regular basis. More and more communities are building skateboard parks as part of their local parks department. While skateboarding was, at one time, a fringe activity that was only enjoyed by certain types of people often classified as skaters. It has grown to more of a mainstream activity.

More adults and professionals are enjoying skateboarding as a means of transportation, as well as a recreational activity. Skateboarding has grown into an extreme sport with sponsored events and professionals like Tony Hawk, who skateboard for a living.

Over 50% of the skateboard market is in the United States, and there are over 500 skateboard parks throughout the United States. That number is growing rapidly. From a marketing perspective, nearly 80% of all skateboarders; causal and core, prefer to shop small specialty brands and shops, opposed to top brands and large sporting goods stores.

Another important marketing demographic is the gender breakdown. Over 70% of skateboarders are male. Skateboarding has been male dominated since it’s inception. However, the percentage of female skateboarders are growing rapidly, and they are now a consideration in the market.

A fairly new addition to the skateboard market are all terrain electric skateboards. Electric powered skateboards provide more speed and power to travel over rougher terrain. Off road electric skateboards not only provide more power, but also have larger wheels, a larger board, and are designed to remain stable over seriously rough terrain.

They can be used for recreational purposes to take skateboarding to new areas, but they can also be used as a personal mode of transportation. Alternative energy and cars that do not rely on gasoline have been growing in popularity over recent years due to their decreased carbon footprint. Many people choose to car pool, walk, or ride bikes to and from work when they are able to.

An all terrain electric skateboard provides an additional mode of transportation that people can use to get to and from work or school. Using an all terrain electric skateboard is faster than walking, nicer and more convenient than carpooling, and often more practical than riding a bike. Bikes require somewhere to park them securely and locks to secure them. However, even secured, bikes can be stolen or have parts stolen off of them making the end of the day very frustrating. A skateboard is small enough to be brought inside and kept with you while at work or school.

In addition to it being easier to use and store than other alternative options, you get the environmental benefits of not adding to the current traffic, noise,and air pollution. You also get the relaxation and enjoyment of traveling in a mode that you enjoy twice a day. For many, this is a perfectly relaxing way to start and end their day, and will put them in a better mental state to get through a possibly hectic workday.

An all terrain electric skateboard is ideal for both men and women. They come in different varying lengths, so you can get the one you are most comfortable riding.

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