Baby Tornado Causing Havoc – Entertainment Videos

The weakest tornado intensity, although they certainly aren’t weeks of tornado. There is a chance that you will lose many of your shingles even if one struck near your barn or home. These shingles will need to be fixed with a roofing expert. In this clip you’ll see how much havoc a EF1 tornado can create.

Video starts with a storm on an open field. The funnel definitely scares cows. They flee the funnel, to prevent being tossed about. All of them made it out safely as it appeared. The tornado continues to travel across the highway right in front of storm chaser, Scott Peake. Scott follows the tornado closely as it passes across Selden, Kansas. The funnel of the tornado has a lovely clay-red color because of all the soil it has picked up. It then proceeds to pull steel siding and shingles off of buildings. It is just a few inches away from directly striking many constructions. There are a few pieces sections of metal siding getting carried hundreds of feet into the air. Such debris can create danger for those who chase it too close.


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