3 Benefits of Using Art Design Consultants to Decorate Your Office

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Are you renovating your current office space or building a new office space? There are so many things to consider when constructing and designing an office. From what the layout of the space should be, to what kind of furniture to purchase, to what aesthetic to go with, the options are limitless. Sometimes, we overlook the need to add artwork and design pieces to an office space, though. At first thought, you may think this is an unnecessary addition to your work environment. This couldn?t be further from the truth, though. Using art design consultants to add art throughout the office can make a huge difference.

Interested in learning more about how art in the workplace can be beneficial? Keep reading for more information about how art design consultants can turn artwork into stress relief for those in your office space.

3 Benefits of Using Art Design Consultants to Decorate Your Office

Don?t plan out your budget for your new office space without setting aside some money for an art consultant and decor pieces. Your office needs to be welcoming, inviting, and comfortable to both your employees and anyone else who walks through the front doors. Here?s three benefits are hanging artwork around the office.

1. Decreases stress levels

Artwork is not only nice to look at, but also it can help create a stress free workplace. Imagine if you walked into work each day and throughout the day you became less stressed rather than more stressed. You could go home at the end of the day in a better mood ready to enjoy your time off with family and friends. With art hanging in your office space, that can be true.

A study had individuals observe their stress levels before and after roaming around an art gallery. After they had spent a half hour looking at artwork, many reported feeling less stress. Turns out, they actually had lower levels of cortisol which is known as a stress hormone. You don?t need to hang 50 pieces of artwork to see these effects, though. A few pieces here and there could make all the difference.

2. Boosts productivity

With stress levels down, it shouldn?t be a surprise that individuals may feel more productive throughout their work day. If you can get some of the feelings of stress out of the way, employees should feel like they are better able to concentrate on the task at hand and completing all assignments efficiently.

In addition, the Exeter University School of Psychology conducted research that concluded people felt up to 32% more productive when they could be part of the design process for their office space. Whether that means letting people hang some artwork, add some design touches, or bring in some plants, there?s no reason not to allow productivity-boosting behaviors. When plants and art are added to the work space, employees have been found to be 17% more productive than those employees who work in spaces with minimal to no decor.

3. Increases comfort and creativity

If you tend to have a lot of clients in and out of your office or you have large creative departments, keep in mind that artwork and spaces with a nice design aesthetic can make people feel more at peace and more creative. Employees themselves speak to this notion with 94% believing that a nicely decorated office makes them feel more welcomed. On top of that, around 61% feel like they are able to be more creative when the space is decorated rather than bare.

If your business needs to welcome opinions from different people working there, artwork can also help with that. When in a creative space, the thoughts and opinions of many in the business matter. When people feel more comfortable speaking up about their creative ideas, it can only make the business grow stronger and more successful. While you may have to shell out some money on art design consultants to get the office into tip top shape, that investment will be worth it.

Has your office made any changes to the design? Did you see any change in productivity or creativity? Let us know in the comments what you?ve done to your office space.

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